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Carms Clay

Black stoneware Vase

Black stoneware Vase

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Handmade entirely using the coil technique. Each piece is one of a kind and is filled with love, time and effort. We consider this black organic stoneware vase to be a conversation piece and will create a sense of excitement in any space of your home.

black stoneware clay organic finish. Abstract art

Each piece is handmade and tells a story that carries the imprint of my vision. The imperfection makes handmade ceramics truly special and cherished.

Dry flower arrangements only

Glazed on the inside with drip’s on sides and bottom from applying a thick glaze  

and stand’s on a slight angle





Email for any international postage costs


If you love a certain piece shown on the website that has sold, it can be commissioned! Please note that they will never look identical as they are all one off pieces.


Stoneware Clay

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